About Us

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We are authorized reseller of DOGO's footwear and bags, in Australia and New Zealand. DOGO is a Turkish brand who makes the print design on shoes and bags with an innovative technique.

In 2006, DOGO in Turkey found the most exciting way to make our dreams come true. For the first time in the world, we became a brand that . The journey begun with shoes paved the way for various personalized products. Bags, textiles, travel products, and more.

We succeeded in becoming a big family with DOGO-lovers all around the world and brought our love for nature and animals, a song inspired by, the trend color compositions of the year, seasons, love, and the happiest moments our imagination has taken us to our designs.


By adding a new one to each milestone that we have surpassed, we are reaching you with more than 5000 original designs and more than 200 sales points in more than 100 countries so far, and we continue our journey in this colorful world we created without slowing down.


100% Vegan Products

We are proud of being a 100% vegan brand! We strongly advocate making a production respectful to the lives of our animal friends with the vegan shoes, bags, and clothing products we are producing.


Guarantee of a Unique Design 

Our talented and young design team knows no rules and goes beyond limits! Each DOGO design, as a wearable artwork, gives you a chance to personalize your life. It offers you an opportunity to express yourself more to the world with the products you wear and use.



We value the ecosystem we live in. We handle all our production processes with this sensitivity and create environment-friendly products.

A Sustainable World 

We combine fashion and design for a liveable future. For the future of the world, we take steps compatible with sustainability at each stage of our production.  


Our Vision

To be a unique brand that comes to mind by allowing people to express themselves


Our Mission

To make people happy with the products it develops by rendering design accessible 


DOGO is Sincere

DOGO gains its strength from its desire to touch the hearts and souls of the people. In this way, it establishes strong bonds with the individuals who aspire to personalize their appearances and lives. As a sensible and global brand, DOGO embraces diversity, values interacting with almost everything, including animals and the world that we live in.

  •          DOGO produces things worth sharing.
  •          DOGO believes that contribution is very valuable.
  •          DOGO produces 100% vegan products.
  •          DOGO raises awareness about animals.
  •          DOGO prefers an environmentally conscious production.
  •          DOGO makes a difference for the children.


DOGO is Unique

DOGO turns the stories it tells through inspiring designs into a visual feast. DOGO equips its products with imagination and elements of visual art. Each unique design is a window opening to the fascinating world of DOGO. Those who prefer DOGO seek not only a product but stories, memories, and the magic spread by DOGO.


DOGO is Innovation-Oriented 

Growing with its passion and determination to work, DOGO encourages creativity and continuous innovation.

For the first time in the world, DOGO succeeded in making design print on shoes with an innovative technique. It is always focused on developing new business models. It continuously does research and applications for environment-friendly products and raw materials. DOGO's innovation and focus on design constitute its success and superiority in the competition since the day it has been established.


DOGO Works On Creating Value

DOGO operates with the principle of creating value in each step it takes. It works heartily with its monetary and non-monetary values, human resources, solid network it has established with its partners, brand and organization structure, and all its resources to understand its stakeholders, analyzing their needs, and making the investments to meet these needs.


DOGO is Flexible 

DOGO adds value to every activity in the lives of individuals by providing them free choice and products that will stimulate their creativity. It manages customer expectations, creates demand, shapes the customer need that is not formed yet, implements its production, sales, and marketing strategies according to this.


DOGO is Dynamic 

DOGO has entrepreneurship in its soul and successfully established its design-oriented business model. DOGO'S ever-growing, creative, and free nature combines with the increasing demand for its designs and encourages DOGO to produce more and extend to new markets.


DOGO Adheres to Fair Trade

The importance given by DOGO to fair trade is the product of a corporate culture; that offers products customers can trust in price, quality and after-sales services, that is desired to do business from the point of business partners and promotes continuous improvement, that provides a fair and peaceful working environment from the point of employees, that is transparently managed from the point of shareholders, that is respectful to animals and law, that values disadvantageous groups and diversities.

As DOGO, we feel all your sincere feelings for a better world, and we reflect this with our products. We offer you a way to express yourself.